Our Steps to a Successful Web Site

Understanding your web site goals and audience

Having a focussed plan with goals - short, medium and long term will benefit you and your customers. Do you see where your site is heading over the next few years? Think about your audience - who do you want to attract, who do you want to nurture.

Securing a domain name and web space

It might seem like a simple matter but if you choose the wrong domain name you run the risk of losing customers. The domain should reflect your business and be memorable, easy to spell and logical. Web space - do you have enough room to put high intensive images on your website, music, video. And it might not be as expensive as you think. Talk to us about our reasonable hosting rates.

Planning your website content and structure

The bottom line - if you offer the customer what they want, you will have a successful business. Content is key. Content that is timely, accurate, easy to find and useful will keep visitors interested.

Creating navigation and graphic design elements; uploading your content

Now the fun begins! The visual is the icing on the cake. Graphics, logos, a logical navigation system. It all needs to be strategic but it's fun because it's this stage where you can finally start to see your dream becoming a reality. Email us your content or upload to our server using Flash file uploader. Contact us for instructions.

Testing your web site in multiple environments.

If you go to all the trouble and expense of builing your web site, you want it to function consistently no matter the platform or environment. Review in web browsers, validate links and code, check for accessibility. What you do now in prepration will save you time and money later.

Your web site goes live.

Posting your site to the web is the final step in the development stage, but it doesn't end there. Staying current and interesting, providing up to date content, news and resources and keeping on top of your competitors is ongoing. But if you have a great site, you have a great starting point. Follow these steps and your web site will be live with a lot less stress than you would have thought. Our job is to help you realize your goals and get your web site up and running. Call us, we can help.

Other Services

Digital Photgraphy

Special events, shows and performances, family gatherings, birthdays, weddings, celebrations. We can help keep your memories alive.


Photo Retouching

We provide a variety of photo and image enhancements. Whether it's whimsical or historical, we will ensure that the end product is exactly as you requested.


Multimedia - Recording and Delivering in a Variety of Formats

MP3s, Ringtones, Learning Tracks, Web MP3, RealAudio or Flash Players
Movies or Clips for product/service description or promotion, WMV, RealMedia or Flash Players