Visual Conference - Online Form
North Metro Chorus - Photo Album
Morinivlle Public Library
Online Registration Form
A sample of an online form for a conference, attendees from all over the world.
Online Photo Album Sample
A sample of an online photo album including slide show presentation.
Public Library
A public library located in rural Alberta, north of Edmonton.
Alberta Heartland Chorus
Bayside Harmony Chorus
QUIL - Quilters In the Library
Singing Group 1
A sample of a site for a musical or singing group.
Singing Group 2
A second sample of a singing group.
Non-Profit Craft Group
A sample of a small non-profit, charitable or fund raising organization.*
Sing Canada site redesign
Centre for Family Literacy
News From Edmonton - Newsletter Sample
Site Maintenance
WebLady.Ca offers a variety of services including site maintenance, site re-organization and consultations.
Non-Profit Organiztion
A sample of a non-profit organization*.
Online Newsletter
A sample of an e-newsletter. Great for updating customers or family.

Websites 1997 - 2000

Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital
Rivers Edge Framing
An example of working with a government-based organization. In this case a psychiatric hospital.
Community/Meeting Place
An early free web site hosting company. In the style of GeoCities.
Small Family Business
A sample of a small business. Picture framing business located in picturesque Muskoka (Ontario, Canada).
Suzie Sitters
A tribute to Spectacle
*Special rates for non profit, charitable or fund-raising organizations or groups.
Baby Sitter Service
A site designed with a young teen in mind. No images - email directed to parent.
Singing Group
A sample of a singing or musical group.

BarbershopHarmony.Ca Websites

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